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Hello all,

my name is Miia and I read Stargirl in 2006. I read about it in this teenage girls' magazine named Demi, and decided to buy it for myself.

I thrive to be like Stargirl, self- confident, mischievous, unique, caring, imaginative, musical, courageus and forgiving. I like to wear weird clothes and send out packages and gifts, or actually, I'd love to send them if I weren't always so limited on money.

I see that this community is on the verge of death, so I am here to make it a little more alive. I will post photos, news, excerpts, quotes and other things, and I hope you will make this community lively again.

Peace& Love
Miia ♥
"I believe in possibility.
In the possibility of
Of the world making sense someday."

-Virginia Euwer Wolff, True Believer.

Hey everyone! I know it's been a while, but I began a very difficult time in my life (divorce is not fun, people!), and so it was hard for me to keep up with this community. But, now things are changing and my idealist nature is making a comeback! So, look for more happening in this community very soon!

Love, Jessi. =)
Hi! I hope this community takes off because it is a great idea! I loved Stargirl.
O.k. I'll start with a question - has anybody fantasized about (or actually done it) writing little anonymous nice notes to send to total strangers, like in Stargirl?
...very soon.

Expect this community to take off in 2007!